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Matthias Pospiech matthias.pospiech at gmx.de
Sun Oct 17 10:53:41 CEST 2010

  Am 16.10.2010 10:33, schrieb Bruno Voisin:
> Project management is appropriate when you are writing a long, structured document, like a PhD thesis, a multi-author paper, or a scientific report. This implies more-or-less the user has prior experience with TeX.
> On the other hand, project management just adds unnecessary burden and complexity when you are writing a one-shot document, like a letter, an invitation to a party, etc., and may be seen as an entry barrier for the novice.
I think the whole discussion about when you require project management 
and not and and for which document types or not is just the wrong 
approach. Think the other way round: If many poeple require project 
management for tex documents you can include or exclude them as users 
for tw. Therefore I consider project management as a must have, and 
under no curcumstances optional for a tex editor. Personally I use 
projects for any documents. And my templates are widely used, also very 
successful for by beginners and they are split into many documents and 
thus require project management.

> So, regarding TeXworks, I'd suggest that project management, if any, remains unobtrusive and does not imply modifications of the current user interface.
While I would basically agree with this, it is so vague that it does not 
help creating an ui.

Personally I find QtCreator as a good ui which includes project 
management elements.

However you will always find that the ui includes more visual complex 
elements once you have a complex project.
And it is not only a matter of visual projections of the project but 
also of finding files, switching between files and making sure that the 
user knows what he is currently working with.
But once you have selected the document you want to work with, there is 
no reason to not hide the project ui elements.

Currently all Interfaces I know of present the structure-list only on 
the side. If one displays the document side by side with the pdf then 
this list becomes to small in width.
(I have seen this with texmakerx which I use currently) I would 
therefore propose the make the interface as wide as the tw mainwindow. 
More space also allows a better ui.
This should then include a list of open project, file lists, structure 
lists, ...
For editing a document (and thus not displaying the whole project ui) I 
could envision only a single line on top of the document showing a list 
of open files, a breadcrump view,
a jump to structure (sec, fig, tab), all similar to how QtCreator 
presents it.

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