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Alain Schremmer schremmer.alain at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 22:38:35 CEST 2010

On Oct 14, 2010, at 9:51 AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 14 oct. 2010 à 13:58, Paul A Norman a écrit :
>> Have you a reference for that please, I want to check if there are  
>> any
>> issues on how the path is named whether its OS dependant or what  
>> ever,
>> does Windows require {{}} type stuff or simillar.
>> On 15 October 2010 00:31, Alain Schremmer  
>> <schremmer.alain at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> \documentclass[11pt]{book}
>>>        \usepackage{../StyleSheets/Preamble}
>>>        \usepackage{../StyleSheets/AssessmentDocumentConstruction}
>>>        \usepackage{../StyleSheets/QuizConstructionParameters}
>>>        \usepackage{../StyleSheets/GraphicsPaths}
>>> \begin{document}
> That's likely distribution-specific and also platform-specific.
> Namely, the definition of \usepackage (in latex.ltx) is highly  
> convoluted, it goes through a sequence of cascading definitions  
> involving \RequirePackage and \InputIfFileExists, and in between  
> more obscure stuff like \@onefilewithoptions, \@@input and the like.
> But it all seems in the end to go down to the \input TeX primitive,  
> which is implemented at the time TeX is built.
> Let me be more specific: in TeX Live, file searching involves  
> kpathsea, which is a C file searching library. So what TeX accepts  
> in TeX Live comes down to what kpathsea accepts. MikTeX must  
> similarly involve its own file searching library, which may place  
> different restrictions on file names and a different syntax for  
> path specification.
> Over the years I've seen all sorts of situations on different  
> platforms (Mac and Linux) and different TeX distributions  
> (Textures, OzTeX, DirectTeX, CMacTeX, teTeX, gwTeX, TeX Live). Some  
> accepted file names with spaces directly as \input{file name},  
> others required quotes \input{"file name"}, others bluntly rejected  
> spaces. Same with 8-bit characters in file names (Textures accepted  
> it, OzTeX rejected it). Textures accepted to typeset in plain TeX a  
> file with spaces in its name, but OzTeX didn't; both refused to  
> typeset in LaTeX a file with a space in its name, owing to the  
> creation and reading of ancillary files (.aux, etc.).
> Also in the same distro different TeX programs may see things  
> differently. This may have changed, but originally XeTeX, owing to  
> its Mac roots, was less strict on the use of spaces in file names  
> than pdfTeX.
> Similarly the path specification varies from platform to platform.  
> On Mac OS Classic a subfolder Figures in the current directory was  
> specified (in \graphicspath) as :Figures: and a subsubfolder  
> as :Figures:Part1:, but on Mac OS X it's Figures/ and Figures/ 
> Part1/, respectively.
> So I don't think there is any norm on this, and I'm not even sure  
> where to look for information. I looked briefly at the  
> documentation of kpathsea for TeX Live, and I couldn't find any info.

OK, I take it all back except my very first few words: "I don't know.  
This was a suggestion of Michael Sharpe on the TeX on Mac OS X  
mailing list. All I know is that it works."

Thanks for straightening me out.

Grateful regards

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