[texworks] hide preview window from window manager

Stefan Witzel s.witzel at gmx.de
Wed Oct 13 13:30:32 CEST 2010


I guess it is a deliberate design decision that texworks generally consists of two windows: one for the source code and one for the preview. In fact this turns out to be quite convenient. What I do not like about this is that when I open six documents, twelve windows show up in the panel of the window manager which thus gets rather crowded. Since, in the generic case, I will want to work with the two windows that belong to the same document, I wonder if there is a possibility to make the two windows appear as one in the panel. Alternatively, is it possible to exclude the preview window from showing up in the panel so that I could just open the source code window and get the preview window via "go to preview"?
This is of course system-dependent. I would be interested in solutions for X windows (or more specifically gnome).

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