[texworks] Scripting and 0.4 (was: Windows builds)

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 08:36:49 CEST 2010

Jonathan please, is it worth people talking here about this at this time?

> 0.4 is not out yet, and if we have some time, I'd like to have two
> things in there: file handling and per-script permissions.
> Note, however, that I haven't been adding more patches on GC to keep
> things manageable. As Jonathan mentioned, there are some half-dozen or
> so patches waiting for his approval/comment. If I continue posting
> patches, at some point my code and Jonathan's official version will
> differ so much it will be hard to stitch them together.
>> Or can there be a wider discussion on what is really worth focussing
>> on for 0.4 if your time is limited?
> There always can be a wider discussion, that's what open source is about ;).
> But I can't see how 0.4 - which will be the stable variant of the
> current 0.3 development series - can be about anything else but
> scripting. That has been the major focus for the past year or so.
> Assuming you meant 0.5 (the next development series), we can and should
> have a discussion, IMO. There's essential one thing I'd personally like
> to see: project support. This is especially handy if you plan on writing
> a larger document, such as a book or a thesis, though admittedly it
> doesn't help a new user to get to grasp with TeX. Regarding scripting,
> there's also the wish to take this further, to arbitrary, callable
> script functions, which would then allow custom toolbars, editing the
> default menus, etc., as Jonathan outlined in his talk.
> Anyway, I think this should be discussed in a separate thread (this has
> drifted way too far off-topic, anyway) and probably at a later time,
> when 0.4 is finally released.
>> When I read Helge's question: "On the other hand I am curious too, if
>> there is still development with TW?" - I thought well may be thats it
>> then.
> No, Tw is not dead! :)
> Just in some kind of summer-hibernation, maybe. This is not the way
> things were planned, but sometimes life doesn't follow our plans.
>> But then to hear that there had been a presentation on Tw scripting at
>> TUG and no news at all here for so long, just  left me deflated and
>> actually a bit confused about it all.
> Please note that the TUG meeting was back in June - at that time, the
> plan was to bring out 0.4 before TL'10. Obviously, this hasn't worked
> out, unfortunately.
>> With out cultivation the Tw team flounders.
> Well, I'm trying to help cultivation - but code changes are up to
> Jonathan, so we'll have to wait until he finds some time.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

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