[texworks] TeXWorks Editor Font

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 01:04:34 CEST 2010


For anyone using TeXWorks who would appreciate a "coder's" type font
for editing in (not publishing) this one is available,
here is a bit of the blurb.

You can set an editor font under MENU://Edit/Prefences/Editor - that
is the font that you look at while editing - not necessarily the same
as your *TeX output font family.


"Anonymous Pro (2009)  — is a family of four fixed-width fonts
designed especially with coding in mind.

"Characters that could be mistaken for one another (O, 0, I, l, 1,
etc.) have distinct shapes to make them easier to tell apart in the
context of source code.

"Anonymous Pro is distributed with the Open Font License (OFL).


"Anonymous Pro also features an international, Unicode-based character
set, with support for most Western and European Latin-based languages,
Greek, and Cyrillic. It also includes special “box drawing” characters
for those who need them.

"While Anonymous Pro looks great on Macs, Windows and Linux PCs with
antialiasing enabled, it also includes embedded bitmaps for specific
pixel sizes ... "

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