[texworks] Synctex again

Alain Delmotte alain.delmotte at leliseron.org
Tue Sep 29 11:44:43 CEST 2009


Advertising TeXworks and using the official installer I did install 
TeXworks on a machine (under Windows XP) with MikTeX and TeXnicCenter 
(system in working conditions).

I was first astonished that I could install it in Program Files, as we 
did not have administrator privileges.

But after compiling a test document I got the message in the status bar 
of the previewer: "No SynTeX data available"; and of course no movement 
between preview and source.

I did check to see if there was any accented character in any path used 
(program, TeXworks resource folder, document location) and there was none.
Just one thing: "Program Files\TeXworks" is on C: and "Documents and 
settings" on D:

I also tested with my version of the program, same result.

My demonstration was not very convincing!!!

Any suggestion to solve (and avoid) this?


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