[texworks] TeXWorks under MiTeX Portable - two different .exe s?

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 00:19:14 CEST 2009

Hi everyone!
I need to work remotely sometimes and rely on  local machines that may not
have a good or any internet connection at all when it is not feasible to
take a lap top with me.

While the scripting in TeXWorks is experimental and  beta, in order to keep
using it under MiKTeX portable, I have used Alain's advice on a
configuration ini and relative paths to establish a parallel TeXWorks editor
(in addition to the one that is released with Portable).

I am doing this as sometimes I need portability and the most obvious way to
keep it up to date in readyness for remote useage is to use it all the time,
so I have it on my hard drive and just re-clone it to USB or portable drive
when I need to work remotely (perhaps with little or no internet available
for package updates).

I have  made a "cpmplete" install of MikTeX 2.8

Is there anything about using TeXWorks like that that I should expect to
have to try and troubleshoot in advance please?

So far everything is fine - but why I am asking this  is that in the MiKteX
/bin I see both a TexWorks.exe and a MiKTeX-TexWorks.exe, the file sizes
and dates appear identical.

Are these exes the same as the general beta number releases from Alain?
(Obviously Without scripting and printing support.)

Does that mean that there is something I should watch for in just using
the regular "everything" releases that Alain provides while I am working
under MiKTeX portable?


2009/9/27 Thomas Floeren <tomfloeren at mac.com>

> Hi,
> I just installed the actual TW-Version on my Mac an I noticed that there is
> still this ugly "Übersetzen" in the typeset menu.
> This is definitively a heavily faulty translation..
> This has been discussed on this list ~2 months ago, with the same result,
> btw.
> Personally I dont bother much with the translations. But there may be
> people who care, e.g. because they are bound to their language and have no
> other choice. Not everybody understands English! So, in my opinion, also the
> translations should be done in a more or less appropriate way.
> @ the developer: if you continue to have problems with the german
> localization, just send me the files; it will be done in 30 minutes (I
> hope).
> Best wishes
> Thomas
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