[texworks] german translation

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Sep 26 19:13:27 CEST 2009


On 2009-09-26 17:33, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> I remember there was some discussion of this; I don't recall what
> conclusion was reached in the end. Johannes, Stefan: any opinion? I'm
> happy to accept whatever the German speakers agree on..... if one of
> you could review the discussions and send an updated .ts file with the
> preferred terminology, that'd be great.

IIRC, no real conclusions were reached, unfortunately. But here are the
Stapel (original)
Stapeln (by me, favored by Thomas Floeren, favored by Steffen Wolfrum if
Übereinander (by Peter Wüsten, favored by Steffen Wolfrum)

I also asked my girlfriend (who's not (yet ;)) into TeX very much), and
she voted for "Stapeln", seeing that "Nebeneinander" only seems to apply
to the source and corresponding preview windows, while "Stack" applies
to all open windows.

Kacheln (original, favored by Peter Wüsten, favored by Steffen Wolfrum
if standard, favored by me)
Verteilen (by Thomas Floeren)

Typeset (the menu):
Textsatz (original)

Typeset (the action):
Übersetzen (original)
Setzen (by Thomas Floeren, OK for me, OK for Steffen)
Kompilieren (by Thomas Floeren)
Dokument erstellen (by me)
Ausgabe erstellen (by me)
Verarbeiten (Jonathan Kew)
Textsatz (by Thomas Floeren)

I also asked my girlfriend (who's not (yet ;)) into TeX very much), and
she voted for "Ausgabe erstellen" under the assumption that we want
something that really everyone understands.

Wrap around (in find and replace dialogs):
Umbrechen (original)
Am Anfang fortfahren, wenn das Ende erreicht ist (original)
Ganzes Dokument (Thomas Floeren)
Im ganzen Dokument (Thomas Floeren, favored by me, used in French
umlaufend (by Steffen Wolfrum)
durchlaufend (by Steffen Wolfrum)


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