[texworks] Stepping in, completion

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Fri Sep 18 09:56:50 CEST 2009


Benct Philip Jonsson a écrit :
> I decided to try TeXWorks (a) because Vim can be frustrating
> at times and (b) because of the process button and preview:
> repeatedly typing in the terminal and opening/closing a file
> in a PDF viewer is frustrating.
> Looks good so far, but I have a question:
> Is there any way to preview the available
> completion shortcuts similar to Vim's completeopt?
> Having to locate and open the definition files is annoying...

Yes it is, but for the moment there is no other way, except...
There is some logic in the system:
all \begin{something}... \end{something} start with "b", so I would type 
"bsom [tab]", I'll get a proposition, let say:
\begin{somebody}... \end{somebody}, not good, I'll type "[Tab]" again, 
another proposition will be offered, if existing, up to return to "bsom"
There are some other groups like this for the mathematical symbols alone 
or in formulas.
Otherwise, it is often the beginning of the command "cha" for 
"\chapter", "se" for "\section"; "sse" for "\subsection",...

After some time, as one use a small group of commands, one knows the 
shortcuts, or try guessing :-)


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