[texworks] Error in the translation files

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 15:56:53 CEST 2009


On 2009-09-12 15:14, Alain Delmotte wrote:
> I have lupdate version 4.4.3 from the KDE mingw package
> From the newly (re-)installed KDE for msvc it is 4.5.2; but it
> produced other results.
> Now comparing the 2, the errors seems to come not from the French
> translation, but from the Italian:
> ===========
> with the 4.5.2:
> ===========
> Updating 'trans/TeXworks_fa.ts'...
>    Found 405 source text(s) (0 new and 405 already existing)
>    Kept 2 obsolete entries
> Updating 'trans/TeXworks_fr.ts'...
>    Found 405 source text(s) (2 new and 403 already existing)
>    Kept 14 obsolete entries
> Parse error at C:/Documents and
> Settings/Principal/Bureau/TeXworks-travail/texwo
> rks-mingw/base/trans/TeXworks_it.ts:1:2: Expected '?', '!', or
> '[a-zA-Z]', but g
> ot '<'.
> Updating 'trans/TeXworks_ja.ts'...
> With the new version, the update is not done at all (for it).

Hm, curious. I suppose the translation files are modified (at least
now). Could you revert them to their original version (the one in the
repository)? The command for it should be `svn revert trans/`, though I
don't know if svn supports reverting all files in a directory (if not,
please revert at least the italian .ts file). Sometimes this could help.
If it doesn't, could you please post the first few lines of the italian
.ts file (or the whole file)? This new error message you mention seem
much more helpful than the old one, but now the question is what really
is in that file.

>> This seems to be related to getDefaultBinPaths.sh, though I have no idea
>> why this should ever be called when updating the translation files.
>> BTW: I noticed the lines
>> unix {
>>         system(bash ./getDefaultBinPaths.sh):warning("Unable to
>> determine TeX path, guessing defaults")
>> }
>> in TeXworks.pro. In the light of recent discussions about bash,
>> shouldn't this read "system(sh ./get...)" or omit the explicit
>> invocation of the shell altogether, given that the executable flag of
>> the file is set?
>> Anyway, back to the lupdate issues. Next, I get numerous
>> Unknown feature
>> http://qtsoftware.com/xml/features/report-whitespace-only-CharData
>> errors. I have no idea if the problem is in my Qt installation or in the
>> files, but I couldn't find any more information about it (the given
>> webpage doesn't exist, and I couldn't find the word "whitespace" in any
>> relevant context in any of the project files).
>> The rest of the lupdate procedure seemed to work fine, though. It even
>> gave me several
>> Same-text heuristic provided n translation(s)
>> messages. Whether these translations are correct I can't say.
> Yes I did see that for the German translation.

Curious, too. I get
    Found 405 source text(s) (0 new and 405 already existing)
so I have all strings translated. But this may be fixed somehow once you
revert the file (I have no idea how they are messed up, but they are
sometimes). If it doesn't something's really weird!

> So I updated for the French version.
> But the sentence "TeXworks Manual" is not available!!!

IIRC, the name for the entry in the help menu (I guess that's what
you're referring to) is derived from the file/folder name the manual is
in. So this depends on how you call your manual and is not hard-coded
(and hence not translatable) in the Tw interface.


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