[texworks] Regression in r410 (bashism)

David Jurenka texworks-r410.b-o-x at spamgourmet.com
Wed Sep 9 14:40:25 CEST 2009

switching from /bin/bash to /bin/sh in r410 introduced a regression for 
systems where /bin/sh points to shells that do not understand the double 
bracket testing syntax, such as Bourne shell or Debian Almquist shell 
(e.g. Debian Squeeze, Ubuntu). A possible patch is attached.

David Jurenka

P.S. BTW, the original script didn't work properly in Bash either as [[ 
"$BINPATHS" == ":$NEWPATH:" ]] tests only for full string matching, 
whereas substring matching could be checked by [[ "$BINPATHS" == 
*":$NEWPATH:"* ]] .
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