[texworks] Building Texworks problem on Windows

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 09:10:20 CEST 2009

Hi Mehdi,

On 2009-08-23 07:53, Mehdi Omidali wrote:
> I tried to build texworks as it is expalined in wiki but after
> mingw32-make
> I got lots of errors begining with
> src\synctex_parser.c:20:  zlib.h:no such file or directory
> ...
> but I have installed zlib package of KDE. Any comment is welcome.

Hm, I'm a bit puzzled by this, as I don't see zlib.h mentioned anywhere
near line 20 of synctex_parser.c (it's on line 256 for me). And AFAIKS
there should have been no changes that affect this way of building. So I
have a few questions for you:
 * Do you have the latest version of the Tw sources?
 * If you look at line 20 in synctex_parser.c, does it mention zlib.h
anywhere in the vicinity?
 * Can the problem be solved by adding
       INCLUDEPATH += C:/KDE/include/
to TeXworks.pro (somewhere around the other, similar lines you edited
there)? (NB: you will probably need to re-run qmake after that)

If all this doesn't help, could you post a complete copy of the building


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