[texworks] German translation (was: new builds: v0.1 r386)

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 18 18:54:27 CEST 2009

On 18 Aug 2009, at 08:40, Jérome Laurens wrote:

> Le 18 août 09 à 07:34, Stefan Löffler a écrit :
>> Cool, new synctex code :). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out
>> what's new - Tw doesn't seem to include the readme/version files, and
>> from the official SyncTeX page I only get a "Server unable to read
>> htaccess file, denying access to be safe". Jérome?
> The synctex home page is not up to date.
> The latest synctex code is actually in texlive svn repository.

Ah.... wish I'd known that when I was updating the code in texworks!  
Might have saved me some debugging. I guess I'll try to move to the  
code from TL svn instead.

> I have tasks planned for the next pair of days but afterwards I will  
> be able to update the site and the CTAN repository.
> BTW I received news from Okular developer who included synctex  
> support in this well known pdf viewer,
> modulo some very minor changes.
> I do not have accessing problem for the sourceforge site. Maybe you  
> tried at a wrong time...

Yes, it worked (and still works) fine for me too.... so I assumed  
getting the package from "the official SyncTeX page" was the right  
thing to do....

Oh, I think I understand Stefan's problem. I *do* get an error like  
that if I try to access the individual files listed on that page, such  
as synctex_parser_readme.txt. But it works to download the complete  
zip archive, which is what I actually did.


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