[texworks] more on the "missing console"

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Thu Aug 13 11:37:50 CEST 2009

On the console:

> The text-input line at the bottom of the window is present as long as
> the tool/process is running; it disappears as soon as the process
> terminates. So with \foo in your TeX source (assuming \errorstopmode),
> the TeX program keeps running, waiting for a user response; so the
> input line is available. But if Latexmk simply exits with an error
> message when it gets a "bad option", then the input line will vanish
> as there is no process to give input to.

Thanks for the explanation, makes sense. "Problem" solved

> As for setting up a Latexmk engine:
>> 1) I tried to add and engine for (pdf)latexmk. The settings in the
>> screenshot work as expected. But I am not able to add the option
>> that loads a configuration file. On the command line, it would be
>> latexmk -pdf -r ~/Library/TeXworks/pdflatexmkrc /path/to/doc/
>> report.tex
>> However, just adding
>> -r ~/Library/TeXworks/pdflatexmkrc
>> as an argument doesn't work. I tried also -r "~/Library/TeXworks/
>> pdflatexmkrc".
> The "-r" and the filename are two separate arguments, and need to be
> specified as separate entries in the list. Try that and see if it  
> helps.
> The other question is whether "~" will be understood; offhand, I don't
> know. Normally, I believe the shell expands this, but I don't know
> whether that will happen when you call Latexmk from TeXworks in this
> way. If not, you'd have to use /Users/<yourname>/.... instead.
>> And what is the meaning of $fullname?
> This is replaced by the full name of the current file (i.e., the
> document to be processed).

Ok. I managed to set up my latexmk-engine with a configuration file,  
see screenshot. The "~" does not work. Alain, should I write something  
for the manual about setting up new engines?

Thanks again,

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