[texworks] feedback on TeXworks r.357 (Mac)

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Aug 13 10:02:30 CEST 2009

Hi Daniel,

I answer for what I am involved or I had some experience.

Daniel Becker a écrit :
> 1) Smart Quotes: Once I understood where to define my personal command 
> for quotes, I like the mechanism that replaces " with \enquote{ or } 
> depending on the context. But TeXWorks doesn't remember that I want 
> "Smart Quotes" to be enabled as a default. And: I do not understand 
> the reason why there are different modes: TeX Ligatures vs. 
> TeXcommands vs. Unicode vs. none
I also would like that the system remembers the quotes system selected
For the different modes, most probably it depends on the use: Unicode 
gives the symbols themselves -- glyphs (?) inserted at the keyboard --, 
TeX ligatures as well, but à la TeX -- to bee created at typesetting, 
most probably this will manage different font's systems --, but the TeX 
commands could allow you to redefine them in your source, so allowing 
> 2) manual: could the toc in the html help include the third level, 
> too? Such that I can find "4.5.4 Smart quotes" in the toc? Could there 
> also be a menu-item "open manual as PDF" (either in TeXWorks or in the 
> default pdf-viewer)?
For the toc in html, I'll do and offer both; but not very soon -- at 
least I think -- as I'll be away next week, the week after I'll be fully 
busy and after I'll be at EuroTeX2009.
> 3) When the compilation of a text fails, it would be great if the 
> console window at the bottom would offer me to abort the process and 
> to remove the aux files. I don't have the console bar that is shown in 
> the manual.
?? This is for Jonathan. ! You are working on a Mac?!
> 7) I immediately felt the need to edit the templates, adjust 
> smart-quotes-modes.txt, add an engine for latexmk and so on. It would 
> really be great if user-defined files could be stored separate from 
> those that come with TeXworks, too allow for an easier update-process.
Could you explain what you prepared with latexmk, I was going to test it 
for LaTeX, MakeIndex, Bibtex, LaTeX, LaTeX.
I have all the configuration file in a folder separate from the 
programme file for an easy access ("using texworks-setup.ini" in the 
programme folder to tell where it is). My templates are in a proper 
folder under "templates" along "Basic LaTeX Documents", "Beamer 

Have a good day,


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