[texworks] feedback on TeXworks r.357 (Mac)

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Wed Aug 12 19:15:27 CEST 2009


I decided to do some real work with TeXWorks. I like it a lot, but I  
also have feedback/suggestions:

1) Smart Quotes: Once I understood where to define my personal command  
for quotes, I like the mechanism that replaces " with \enquote{ or }  
depending on the context. But TeXWorks doesn't remember that I want  
"Smart Quotes" to be enabled as a default. And: I do not understand  
the reason why there are different modes: TeX Ligatures vs.  
TeXcommands vs. Unicode vs. none

2) manual: could the toc in the html help include the third level,  
too? Such that I can find "4.5.4 Smart quotes" in the toc? Could there  
also be a menu-item "open manual as PDF" (either in TeXWorks or in the  
default pdf-viewer)?

3) When the compilation of a text fails, it would be great if the  
console window at the bottom would offer me to abort the process and  
to remove the aux files. I don't have the console bar that is shown in  
the manual.

4) On a mac, one can usually right click the filename at the top of  
the window and then jump to the directory where the file is (see  
screenshot). Doesn't work with TeXworks. Could there be a button "show  
files" or so?

5) Startup: I have selected that I want the dialogue with the  
templates at startup. Could there also be a list with the recently  
edited files in addition or as an alternative?

6) Dragging and Dropping citations from a BibDesk-Window into the TW- 
Editor-Window works as usual. Great.

7) I immediately felt the need to edit the templates, adjust smart- 
quotes-modes.txt, add an engine for latexmk and so on. It would really  
be great if user-defined files could be stored separate from those  
that come with TeXworks, too allow for an easier update-process.

Other than that, I like TeXWorks a lot and look forward to the first  
official release.


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