[texworks] Linux build and manual

Mike Willis Mike.Willis at warwick.ac.uk
Wed Aug 12 10:14:52 CEST 2009

On 11/08/09 14:05, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> Running texworks under strace reveals that texworks looks for a
>> directory /usr/local/share/texworks-help so I wondered if creating that
>> directory and putting a copy of the manual in there might make the
>> option appear. But it doesn't. It doesn't achieve anything as far as I
>> can see, although strace shows that texworks notices that there are
>> files in there.
> Try creating
>   /usr/local/share/texworks-help/TeXworks\ Manual/en/
> and then putting the HTML files (from Alain's site) in there. TeXworks
> should look for any subdirectories of texworks-help, and if it finds an
> index.html file inside (optionally in a language-specific subdir such as
> "en", "fr",...) then it will add a Help menu item to launch it.

Ah. OK. On Alain's site it does actually say:

...to be unzipped in the folders "texworks-help\TeXworks Manual\en" or

But I had unzipped in to /usr/local/share/texworks-help. I guess because
the next part of that sentence is "programme/executable folder" and
knowing Alain's site is Windows orientated I didn't register that
properly and obsessed on the output of strace instead.

If I create /usr/local/share/texworks-help/TeXworks\ Manual (I'm not
bothered about different languages) and unzip the stuff in there, then
TeXworks does indeed add a Help menu item called TeXworks manual which
when selected launches Firefox displaying

Which is just what I was after, thanks.

> (Obviously, this is a job for the packager/installer to take care of...)

I have a script which checks out the latest svn build then creates an
rpm from it for deployment to the machines I manage. So I'll update it
to include the manual in the rpm.



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