[texworks] Issues with translation

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 11 15:16:24 CEST 2009

On 11 Aug 2009, at 05:01, Vladimir wrote:

> Hi.
> I found some oddities with TeXworks while translating its interface.
> First, if I do Format -> Auto-indent Mode -> (List) I see list of  
> possible
> variants: Whitespace only, ... but seems that the only source for  
> these
> strings is in the file 'res/resfiles/configuration/auto-indent- 
> patters.txt'
> (the file is used in 'src/CompletingEdit.cpp').
> Although it is not a problem to translate this file it is quite  
> inconvenient
> to translate file which is unique for all languages.

Yes, there's not currently a good mechanism to localize these strings;  
they can't go in the main .qm files because they're intended to be  
modifiable by the end user, not only by the original packager/ 

I'm aware that we need a solution for this, but have not decided what  
I think is the best approach.

> Secondly, these issues may be related with my Qt installation but I  
> have
> checked them on my laptop (Ubuntu, Qt 4.5.2) and my home Desktop  
> (Slamd64, Qt
> 4.5.1) but:
> In dialog "TeXworks Preferences" button "Restore Defaults" is not  
> translated
> and I could not find this string in 'trans/ 
> TeXworks_ru.ts' (generated by
> lupdate). The same with "Discard" button in a dialog appeared if  
> someone tries
> to close TeXworks with unsaved changes in a file.

Right; these are standard Qt buttons, and so their translations are  
supposed to come from the qt_XX.qm files rather than TeXworks_XX.qm,  
just like the "Cancel" button, for example.

In testing here, I see that some languages seem to provide a  
translation for this, and others don't; presumably this simply means  
the string has been left untranslated in the qt_XX file. Perhaps it  
would be worth reporting this to the Qt project, with a suggested  
translation they could add.


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