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Sorry, I forgot to mention the reason for my questions, examples:

1: TeXworks as a novice editor: no need for advanced key navigation  
commands (user will already move on to sophisticated editors in the  
near future)
2: TeXworks as a full editor: mandatory to match the navigation to the  
mac standards (optimally TextMate standards); which is not the case  


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> At work I use TeXworks on WindowsXP every day. This is because for  
> this platform there are not much (utf8-capable) editors with enhaced  
> functions for ConText/LaTeX:
> - Notepad++ (utf ok, no really working functions for context)
> - TeXmaker (utf ok, LaTeX only)
> - LEd (still no utf, latex only)
> - Scite (my ancient favorite on XP, before TeXworks; not accessible  
> to novices, utf ok, context very ok)
> - WinEdt (very very nice for LaTeX, but utf still in question(?),  
> context?)
> On Mac things are different:
> The already perfect editor for ConTeXt (and LaTeX) is TextMate (with  
> the LaTeX bundle and the very nice ConTeXt bundle by P. Gundlach(?))
> For novice users, who have problems to set up TextMate or are not  
> willing to pay for it, we have TeXshop, which - if I remember  
> correctly - is already set up for use (preconfigs for ConTeXt/XeTeX/ 
> LaTeX).
> This is also bundled with the texlive package.
> So my question now:
> What is the purpose of the Mac edition of TeXworks?
> Should it remplace the TeXshop (i.e. an app for novice usres)?
> Or should is it meant to take over the functionality of TextMate?
> ('takeover' means integrate the ConTeXt (and LaTeX) Bundle of  
> TextMate into a the new editor, making him the base for future  
> development, as a reference ConTeXt/LaTeX editor).
> Thomas

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