[texworks] new binaries (Windows & Mac)

Daniel Becker daniel.becker at uni-rostock.de
Sat Aug 1 13:45:41 CEST 2009

Hallo -

a few remarks about TeXWorks (recent Mac binary) from a TeXShop user.  
I am very enthusiastic about TeXWorks and like it a lot! Thanks to  
everybody who works on it!

1) The Logo looks good on a Mac

2) On a mac, the templates (and other stuff) are stored in ~/Libray/ 
TeXWorks/ I just found out by accident that I had an old version  
sitting there (with a template that would not typeset). For sure it  
will happen that less advanced users (the target group) will always  
use the version they got when they first installed TeXWorks. All  
updates by the developers will be ignored. The same problem occurs  
with TeXShop quite often. Every update triggers a question like "I  
wanted to try the new feature xyz and can't find it" followed by a  
rather complicated answer about the /Libray/TeXShop/ folder...

Suggestion: Couldn't there be two folders, one that is supposed to be  
edited by the developers only (and is updated with new releases) and  
another that is open for users to edit? In the latter, there could go  
my own templates etc

Related Question: When I add a new tool in the preferences ("engine"  
in TeXShop-Speak), where is it saved?

3) GUI: Could the green button that triggers typesettingt be a bit  

4) Is it possible to narrow the distance between the buttons a bit? A  
window that shows all buttons takes a lot of horizontal space.

Thanks again for the great work,


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