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thomas.floeren at mac.com thomas.floeren at mac.com
Sat Aug 1 13:34:17 CEST 2009

At work I use TeXworks on WindowsXP every day. This is because for  
this platform there are not much (utf8-capable) editors with enhaced  
functions for ConText/LaTeX:
- Notepad++ (utf ok, no really working functions for context)
- TeXmaker (utf ok, LaTeX only)
- LEd (still no utf, latex only)
- Scite (my ancient favorite on XP, before TeXworks; not accessible to  
novices, utf ok, context very ok)
- WinEdt (very very nice for LaTeX, but utf still in question(?),  

On Mac things are different:

The already perfect editor for ConTeXt (and LaTeX) is TextMate (with  
the LaTeX bundle and the very nice ConTeXt bundle by P. Gundlach(?))

For novice users, who have problems to set up TextMate or are not  
willing to pay for it, we have TeXshop, which - if I remember  
correctly - is already set up for use (preconfigs for ConTeXt/XeTeX/ 
This is also bundled with the texlive package.

So my question now:

What is the purpose of the Mac edition of TeXworks?
Should it remplace the TeXshop (i.e. an app for novice usres)?
Or should is it meant to take over the functionality of TextMate?
('takeover' means integrate the ConTeXt (and LaTeX) Bundle of TextMate  
into a the new editor, making him the base for future development, as  
a reference ConTeXt/LaTeX editor).


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