[texworks] Icon v7 (was: Icon v6+pen)

Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Thu Jul 23 12:01:12 CEST 2009

Hi Stefan,

very nice work, nicer since you are using blender which is not really  

However, a pair of remarks :

1 - the filling front light seems unnatural in that situation. It  
corresponds more to an outdoor scene with the sun located behind the  
Either you can try an ambient light instead or

2 - add a plane to simulate the surface where the type is put (or  
almost put). Then you should obtain interesting reflective effects  
provided the plane has the proper material settings. In particular,  
the right and front side would probably gain some color gradient that  
would add 3D perception.

3 - The pen: forget any external copyright clause because you are just  
creating the pen from scratch.
You may add the clip, no need to add another ring. Maybe a thinner  
edge is better, or smoother.

4 - Enlarging the front slot might be better

Something like this:

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A Final technical remark: A better 3D effect is obtained by shadows,  
which do not follow the real life rules when speaking of icons.
It would be certainly more practical to create one png file with the  
type and another one with the pen, then add an artificial shadow and  
combine the different layers afterwards with inkscape or gimp.


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