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Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Tue Jul 21 03:38:46 CEST 2009

Le 19 juil. 09 à 16:59, Bruno Voisin a écrit :

> Le 19 juil. 09 à 16:08, Alain Delmotte a écrit :
>> Nice, but I have to say that I prefer the last tests from Stefan:

>> - this one has almost lost the aspect of a typo letter because the  
>> support looks like marble and the whole letter is colored, not only  
>> the top surface.
> Same here. As much as I'm impressed by your hard work (especially on  
> a Sunday), I preferred Stefan's version of the letter. Now it has a  
> marble texture instead of metal, so that it looks more like a statue  
> or a grave than lead type. I also liked the small ink stains, and,  
> like Alain, the uneven color of the letter top surface.
> Also, compared with Stefan's version yours looks slightly "blurred".  
> I liked the very precise small "slopes" (I don't know the technical  
> word) along the edges of the block of metal, and they have been  
> removed in your version.

Same feelings too, this was just while waiting for next icon version  
from Stefan.
In my mind, the important thing was the bigger slot with more  
realistic shadows.

>> - The pen is nice, including the TeXworks name, but I prefer  
>> without it -- personal point of view.
> Regarding the pen itself, given it's based on the photo of a real  
> pen <http://www.montblanc.fr/products/black_resin_gold_stylo_plume_149.10575.php 
> >, isn't there a risk of copyright infringement claim later?

Very good question.

In fact the photos used to create the pen came from a site that does  
not explicitly prohibit their modification.
But the official Montblanc site is extremely restrictive on the  
subject and does not authorise any modification of a photo.
It appears that the photos I used (or very similar ones) are also on  
Montblanc web site such that there is indeed a potential copyright  

Moreover, the pen is still recognizable despite the numerous  
modifications I made, my conclusion is:
let us forget about the pen.

JL who really needs hollidays

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