[texworks] Icon v6+pen

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Jul 19 16:08:28 CEST 2009

Hi Jérome,

Nice, but I have to say that I prefer the last tests from Stefan:
- this one has almost lost the aspect of a typo letter because the 
support looks like marble and the whole letter is colored, not only the 
top surface.
- The pen is nice, including the TeXworks name, but I prefer without it 
-- personal point of view.

But I'll follow the general decision.



Jérome Laurens a écrit :
> Le 17 juil. 09 à 01:33, Jérome Laurens a écrit :
>> BTW, I will try to add a TeXworks label, but it is far from 
>> straighforward.
> GIMP only artwork, no vector
> .../... image off
> Regards
> JL

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