[texworks] Icon v4 (was: New icon draft)

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 07:48:06 CEST 2009

On 2009-07-12 20:34, Jonathan Kew wrote:
> Wow, you've been busy!

And again... ;).

> My personal preference is still the Blender version, except that I'd
> suggest adjusting the color of the main body of the icon -- to my
> eyes, it has a brownish tint, whereas I'd prefer a more neutral gray.
> Not a big change, just shift the color "temperature" of the metal a
> little. Currently, it seems to have RGB values around 0.54/0.49/0.44
> (varying across the surface because of the texture and lighting, of
> course; this was measured in the lower left part); I'd go for an
> average more like 0.5/0.49/0.48.

Indeed it was a little brownish, mainly alluding to the FontForge image

> The body of the SVG version is too light (IMO); obviously, this would
> be easy to adjust, but the other issue is the surface texture -- I
> think the Blender output does this much more successfully.

New versions are attached (now with method (blender/svg) and version in
the name).
= Blender =
 * Made the texture grey and a little lighter
 * Added a specular map to bring out the scratches and get an overall
more realistic feeling.
= SVG =
 * Made the surface darker
 * Subdued the scratches a little
 * Added the bevel effect to the edges.

> To really start nit-picking, one thing that looks a little odd in the
> Blender version of the icon -- or should I say logo :) -- is the
> corner where the cross-bar of the T meets the vertical stem. This
> seems to have a "crevice" that seems peculiar to me. Not that I've got
> a real piece of CM type to inspect, to see how it's actually cut.

I'm not quite sure which "feature" you mean ;). Could you mark it and
send that image back to me?

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