[texworks] About the Icon Design (was: Icon Update)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Tue Jul 14 10:56:10 CEST 2009

Le 14 juil. 09 à 01:23, Jérome Laurens a écrit :

> An icon following these rules as well as Mac OS X quidelines could  
> be something like
> <texworks.png>
> - clearly related to TeX
> - the pen to indicate that this app is for making documents (the pen  
> is standard on Mac OS X for such apps)
> - the square ruler in the background is used to diminish transparency
> it refers to geometry and measurements and as a tool it may also be  
> related to "works".

Again a nice illustration of your icon design skills. Very nice! And  
coherent with your icon for TeX Live Utility, the Mac version of TeX  
Live Manager (which I reproduce here for non-Mac people, I hope you  
don't mind).

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TeXworks writes TeX documents, hence the pen, and TeX Live Utility  
does the under-the-hood adjustments for it, hence the monkey wrench.

But this is all a Mac-oriented view, I don't know to what extent that  
appeals to non-Mac people.

Also, I liked with Stefan's icons the fact that they didn't include  
the explicit reference to TeX in the icon, and that they suggested it  
instead via the shape of the T from Computer Modern (I, too, preferred  
the original Blender version BTW). But maybe in a couple of years  
(with XeTeX and luaTeX) Computer Modern will become a thing of the  
past, not well adapted to on-screen reading, so the reference to it  
will become obsolete anyway.

On the other hand, the reference to handcrafting via the lead type is  
also a thing that must appeal to TeX people, since TeX was created by  
Don Knuth to offer on computer the same quality as craftsmen from the  
printing industry were getting with lead type.

That's a lot of pros and cons, I know!

One more thing: the use of SVG in the other proposals worries me a  
bit, as I don't think that's a format supported by Mac OS X (I can  
read SVG in Illustrator or Inkscape, but I don't think the OS supports  
it natively -- at least Preview doesn't, and I'm not aware of any plug- 
in mechanism à la QuickTime allowing this functionality to be added  

Is this immaterial after all, and just a matter of converting the icon  
from any format to the .icns format that the Mac expects?


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