[texworks] About the Icon Design (was: Icon Update)

Jérome Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Tue Jul 14 01:23:39 CEST 2009

Le 11 juil. 09 à 20:31, Stefan Löffler a écrit :

> Hi,
> I just wanted to give you a short overview over what I think an icon
> should and should not be. From this, it hopefully becomes clear why I
> did what I did and you can persuade me to the contrary ;).
> IMO, an icon should be a simple, clear, and above all easy to  
> recognize
> pictographic representation, preferably of what the thing it  
> represents
> actually does. That said, I obviously don't have anything against a
> nice-looking icon with lots of artistic topping. But above all, an  
> icon
> should have clean and simple strokes undisturbed by all the extras.
> Great care must be taken that the icon is still discernible and
> recognizable even at low resolution/size (e.g. 16x16 pixels). Despite
> the fact that modern systems often tend to use extremely large  
> versions
> (96x96 pixels and more) for icons, there usually is still the
> possibility (and sometimes the necessity) to view items as lists,
> resulting in small icons. Note that an icon is substantially different
> from a logo, the letter usually being designed and used only at  
> moderate
> to large scale.

An icon following these rules as well as Mac OS X quidelines could be  
something like

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- clearly related to TeX
- the pen to indicate that this app is for making documents (the pen  
is standard on Mac OS X for such apps)
- the square ruler in the background is used to diminish transparency
it refers to geometry and measurements and as a tool it may also be  
related to "works".

It is more Mac than Tango, but it is indeed a matter of culture.


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