[texworks] Icon Update

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon Jul 13 22:24:22 CEST 2009

Hi Jonathan,

Jonathan Kew a écrit :
> Now, what I was going to request.... in addition to the application 
> icon, it would be good to have icons for associated documents, which 
> at least some systems will display. If you look in the res/images 
> directory you'll see that I have created a simple TeXworks-doc.png 
> that the latest Mac build is using, but this was just hacked together 
> in Photoshop, and would probably be better regenerated from Blender 
> source if you're up for that. Also, it would be nice to have distinct 
> document icons at least for text and PDF file types, while keeping the 
> visual association with the application itself.... would you (or 
> anyone) care to give this some thought? :)
I think that we do not have to add an icon for the pdf documents; it 
happens that TeX produces pdf documents, but it is not the only system 
to do. For .tex, .sty and other files associated to TeX (and for us 
TeXworks) OK.
The TeXworks logo/icon on these icons should not be too small (the T of 
TeXworks on a piece of paper), the document icon will be small 48x48 or 
smaller. The T would disappear.

Under Windows, when you link a type of document to a program, for 
example a .tex to TeXnicCenter, the documents inherit the icon of the 
program. It should be possible to have a specific icon, MSOffice suite 
is doing it.


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