[texworks] Still an un resolved problem

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jul 13 09:54:15 CEST 2009

Karl Berry wrote:

> % The default is true, because we already avoid adding the standard
> % extension(s) in the usual cases.  E.g., babel.sty will only look for
> % babel.sty, not babel.sty.tex, regardless of this setting.
> try_std_extension_first = t
>      (a noticeable slow down on network)
> Maybe on your network.  It's a non-issue for almost everyone, afaik.

i don't run on networks but i noticed it long ago when installing tex 
somewhere on a network and tracing a problem with kpse tracing on

> Feel free to set try_std_extension_first=f for ConTeXt if you haven't
> already.

oh, i didn't know abou that one; actually i use:

allow_multiple_suffixes = f

which probably does the same (only append .tex when no suffix given and 
no match)


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