[texworks] new Mac binary posted - testing welcome

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Sun Jul 12 08:51:24 CEST 2009

Hi Jonathan,

sorry for answering two days later...

Jonathan Kew schrieb:

> The "Full Screen" option (Cmd-Shift-F) is a toggle, just press it again
> to restore the view. But I guess that's not very obvious! Probably Esc
> would be a good alternative, and easier to guess.

Yes, de-selecting the full screen view with ESC would be more intuitive.

>> - When I selected File|Open for the first time the dialog started in the
>> Applications directory. I think it sould start in your Home directory.
>> Perhaps there is a way to change this?
> Good idea, it should be possible to set a better default.
> Now that you've navigated somewhere else, it should "remember" this for
> next time - yes?

Yes. BTW, I had to change to the working directory with every first call
of the close, or the opening window. So there may be several defaults to
be set.

One more thing: CMD-a for selecting all text does not work via the
keyboard, it only works when selecting it from the menu.

And German quotes for use with (n)german cannot be used right away. They
also cannot be configured.

opening quotes: "` closing quotes: "'


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