[texworks] German translation updates

Steffen Wolfrum texworks at st.estfiles.de
Wed Jul 8 17:49:52 CEST 2009

Am 08.07.2009 um 16:22 schrieb Stefan Löffler:

> Steffen Wolfrum schrieb:
>> Jonathan: way did you make it grayed out?
>> In my opinion it does make sense to perform a search in a selected  
>> area
>> sometimes only up to the end and the other time running around!
> When you have selected text, there usually is no notion of a cursor
> position (well, there is one, but the cursor is usually either at the
> beginning or at the end). AFAIK, there's no way to first select,  
> say, a
> paragraph, and then move the cursor into that paragraph without
> destroying the selection.

Oh, obviously I mixed too much and wrote something completely  
confused ;o)

What I ment was this:

In the japanese editor jeditx (see screenshot attached to my previous  
email) the two descriptions HOW and WHERE to perform a search/replace
- either using "wrap around" or not, using "search all" or not, using  
"search backwards" or not
- and the distinction between either searching in a selection or the  
entire document
stand side-by-side.

Looking at the FindDialog of TexWorks I didn't understand why by  
choosing one option some options are grayed out.

For example:

Doesn't it make sense to perform a "search/replace all" some time only  
in a selected area and the other time in the entire document?!


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