[texworks] Linguist problems (was: translation updates)

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 17:44:06 CEST 2009

Mojca Miklavec schrieb:
>> Locking is a pdf feature
>> that is independent of that. Granted, I don't know a way of achieving
>> that with TeX, but then again there may be a way or such a way may be
>> provided in the future. Besides, some people seem to be using TW for
>> displaying other/any pdfs, in which case this message could be necessary.
> I wasn't allowed to open PDFs, I was only able to open tex files.

Probably a new feature ;).

>>>>> One oddity. I have just figured out (for a little while) that the
>>>>> window in upper right corner actually displays translations in
>>>>> graphical mode. I saw this behaviour for just about a few minutes. Now
>>>>> it says
>>>>>    File /Users/mojca/dev/tex/texworks/trans not readable
>>>>> again. Did anyone else experience a similar behaviour?
>>> Wait ... there's actually only one way to get it working. If I first
>>> open German translation as read-only and the Slovenian translation
>>> after that, it starts working (I mean: I see German menus in that
>>> window). Open recent won't work. If I only load Slovenian translation
>>> it won't work either.
>> This is strange. We are talking about Linguist, right?
> Yes. Qt Lingluist.
>> Did you try running lupdate to refresh the translation files?
> Yes. Several times. (Maybe my lupdate is misfunctioning?)

I'm beginning to suspect the same...

> I send my (older) translations to mailing list earlier. Are you able
> to see the contents of those in visual mode?

No, I don't see the translated GUI that should be displayed. I checked
the .ts file and found that it doesn't contain any references to the
source files from where the strings are taken (which it should - see the
german file for comparison).
Strangely, running lupdate doesn't have any effect. If I delete all the
files, however, and then run lupdate I get all the correct location lines.

I've written a small script to merge the translations you've already
done with that new file. So try:
1) remove all files in the trans/ folder in your texworks directory
2) copy the file attached to this mail into that folder
3) run lupdate as usual

If all this doesn't work, try running "svn -R ." in the trans/ folder to
revert to the "original" versions.

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