[texworks] translation updates

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 16:19:57 CEST 2009

Mojca Miklavec schrieb:
> On Tue, Jul 7, 2009 at 13:48, Stefan Löffler wrote:
>> Mojca Miklavec schrieb:
>>> May I ask for explanation of "Wrap around"...
>> Wrap around in the context of find/replace means that the program should
>> continue the search at the beginning of the document when it got to the end.
> Hmmm ... quite possible that my version of TW is too old. I actually
> figured out that I don't see that string anywhere and searching from
> the end of document doesn't work either.

Hm, that's odd. I just checked the sources, the "wrap around" options
seems to have been in the sources for quite a while - they've certainly
been added before the latest binaries in the downloads section were
built. The string should be displayed next to the upper left checkbox in
the Find dialog (if the layout hasn't changed).

>>> ...and the exact meaning of
>>> "PDF file "%1" is locked; this is not currently supported."?
>> There are several features in pdf files that are currently not
>> supported. IIRC this line indicates that you would need a password to
>> open the document but TW doesn't provide you with a mechanism to enter it.
> I thought it meant that Acrobat has locked the file for writing. So
> the string means "The action that you are trying to perform doesn't
> work because PDF file is locked?" (When would PDF be locked when
> processed with TeX? Or could one simply open any PDF document and the
> message would only come up in that particular case?)

No, in case another application blocks access to the file it should
simply be reported as not readable, I think. Locking is a pdf feature
that is independent of that. Granted, I don't know a way of achieving
that with TeX, but then again there may be a way or such a way may be
provided in the future. Besides, some people seem to be using TW for
displaying other/any pdfs, in which case this message could be necessary.

>>> Also, what exactly does "balance delimiters" do?
>> >From short experimentation, I found that it selects the text from the
>> last opening to the next closing delimeter (e.g. parenthesis "()", "[]",
>> "{}"), provided they match.
> I see them highlighted anyway. And if I press that, nothing happens.

Yeah, highlighting is independent. I'm not quite sure what "balacing"
does, either. I think there has been a brief discussion about it here on
the mailing list a while back, but I can't quite remember.

>>> One oddity. I have just figured out (for a little while) that the
>>> window in upper right corner actually displays translations in
>>> graphical mode. I saw this behaviour for just about a few minutes. Now
>>> it says
>>>    File /Users/mojca/dev/tex/texworks/trans not readable
>>> again. Did anyone else experience a similar behaviour?
> Wait ... there's actually only one way to get it working. If I first
> open German translation as read-only and the Slovenian translation
> after that, it starts working (I mean: I see German menus in that
> window). Open recent won't work. If I only load Slovenian translation
> it won't work either.

This is strange. We are talking about Linguist, right?

Did you try running lupdate to refresh the translation files? Maybe it
just doesn't find the dialogs and stuff it is supposed to display.


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