[texworks] translation updates

Jonathan Kew jfkthame at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 7 12:11:22 CEST 2009

On 7 Jul 2009, at 10:38, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

> So if anyone could share a recent Mac binary with me or on google code
> page, I would be grateful for that.

Coming this week....

> One question: if I choose German translation, buttons for "Cancel",
> "OK", ... are all translated properly, while I get English buttons
> under Slovenian translation instead. I understand that not the whole
> program can be translated (File/Open calls the system dialog that is
> simply not translated into Slovenian), but I don't understand why the
> German translations of buttons all work OK.

These buttons are standard Qt widgets and their translations are  
provided in Qt's localization files (e.g., qt_de.qm); I include the  
corresponding qt file for each texworks translation, if available. But  
there isn't one for Slovenian, so they remain untranslated.

I believe it would be possible to create a stripped-down localization  
file that just provides the extra strings needed (we only use a very  
few standard widgets that include text, so doing a complete qt  
translation would be lots of unnecessary work). I haven't actually  
tried to do this, though.

> One weird case. I'm not sure if it's repeatable or not. I have chosen
> German translation, used "File/Open" and pressed "Cancel". Then I went
> to preferences again, choose either Slovenian or English, and the list
> of available file endings (under Enable:) was still in German.

Hmm. Yes, that sounds like a bug. There are a few things like that,  
actually, that don't get updated properly when you change languages,  
until you quit and restart the app. (E.g., the "No Tags" placeholder  
that appears in the Tags panel if the document doesn't have any  
recognized sectioning commands.)

> Thanks a lot,
>    Mojca
> One tiny request: I have a problem translating the word "typeset" (as
> already mentioned). "Typesetting" has a wonderful translation, but
> "typeset" also means "bet" and most people would have problems
> interpreting it, so I would prefer to translate the string under
> typesetting icon as "run". But I figured out that the same translation
> is used three times:
> - under "typeset" icon: I would like to put "run" there
> - in main menu: I would like to put "typesetting" there
>  - as a subitem in that menu (Typeset apple-T): I would like to put  
> "run" there
> so I cannot just change a single one. If it was possible to decouple
> them, I would be grateful for that.

The Typeset menu item and the text under the icon are the same string  
(in Qt terms, this is a single "Action", it just shows up in two  
places). The menu *title* ought to be separate, though. But looking in  
the .ts file, I think you're right, the same string is being used --  
not sure why, this needs investigation. (I think we just need to  
differentiate the contexts where the string occurs.)



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