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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sun Jul 5 14:23:23 CEST 2009

Le 5 juil. 09 à 10:45, Stefan Löffler a écrit :

> I've attached a quite simple design for an icon to this mail as a  
> larger
> image and in the most popular icon sizes (I hope the attachment  
> makes it
> to the mailing list). As I'm not an artist, it's rather simple. It
> should symbolize a cast metal type piece displaying the letter T (in
> computer modern, if anyone's interested ;)). This should signify that
> with TW, you can create documents for (professional) typesetting.  
> The T
> was chosen because it's the starting letter of both TeXworks and TeX.

A minor issue: the design idea for the icon bears some resemblance to  
the icon of the commercial Textures application from Blue Sky TeX  

See for example <http://www.bluesky.com/news/220b.html> for the color  
version (the application icon is shown in the screenshot of the Show  
Info window at the top of the page) and <http://www.bluesky.com/news/news.html 
 > for the grey scale version.

The icon dates back to the late 1980s when the application, owned by  
Addison-Wesley and having their logo as icon, moved to the newly  
created Blue Sky Research and got its icon (the uppercase T in a  
rectangular frame).

Not sure that's really a problem, though, given Textures seems dead by  
now (no new beta version for almost 9 months).

Bruno Voisin

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