[texworks] Ubuntu packages

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Jun 23 12:06:04 CEST 2009

Bruno Voisin a écrit :
> If I interpret this correctly, you're speaking of providing a TeXworks
> binary inside the binary directory of TeXLive, such as /usr/texbin on
> the Mac, right?

There is no /usr/texbin in TeX Live, it's a MacTeX thing. But right, a texworks
binary will be provided along with the tex binaries, on windows.

But the present discussion was rather about making all binaries available on a
single place on the web. Currently there is an old Windows build on google code
and newer windows binaries on Alain's page, linux (Ubuntu) binaries, etc. Karl's
message was about making all of them available for download from a central
place, which would be much more convenient for the user. (This point is
completely independent of TeX Live.)

> It's of course possible to navigate to these directories by opening a
> terminal window and using the command line, but the average user is not
> supposed to know or be willing to do this. The only thing the average
> user knows is what can be double-clicked in Finder, Windows Explorer or
> similar.
> So I don't see well how TeXworks binaries in TeXLive could fit within this.
On windows, the installer creates shortcuts in the "start" menu for tlmgr and a
few other programs. It will simply do so for texworks too.

On the Mac, we probably expect MacTeX to take care of those details.

On other systems, if I understand correctly, texworks won't be shipped with TeX


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