[texworks] Ubuntu packages

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Tue Jun 23 01:51:57 CEST 2009

    The advantage of the distro-specific binaries is that each distro+version has a
    fixed set of library version.

Obviously the binaries have to be distro-specific because of the shared
library insanity.  We already concluded that.  I'm talking about making
the binaries available from TW as well as whatever the distros do.

    think it's shared by some Linux users I know), installing packages
    from one's distro repository (or a specific repo, using the distro's
    package management

Sure, I presume there will be distro packages for TW and that is fine.
Nothing I said was meant to be a replacement for that.

But not all the world is GNU/Linux.  Even within the distro world, not
everyone wants to use their distro's binary, for various reasons.  I
mean, why do we bother to distribute binaries with TL in the first
place?  Because people appreciate having them.  Same goes for TW.

    What I've seen on many projects' pages (and usually appreciate as
    user) is to propose a few binaries (esp. windows ones) and give the
    list of distros for which the software is packaged. I seems
    appropriate for TeXworks imo.

Again, sure.  My points are, (1) the more binaries the better,
(2) the TL builders who can make binaries will not (by and large) be
making distro packages, and
(3) there does not seem to be any mechanism now for getting the binaries
out to people.


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