[texworks] Compilationerror for Mingw and printing

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon Jun 22 09:19:31 CEST 2009


Stefan Löffler a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 2009-06-21 22:30, Alain Delmotte wrote:
>> Stefan Löffler a écrit :
>>> But we've passed compilation and are at linking now. That's progress
>>> after all :).
>>> My first guess would be that you somehow removed the
>>>    LIBS +=lgdi32
>>>    LIBS +=lole32
>>> lines again, at least I don't see them in the command line. 
>> The lines were missing, they disappeared during trials. But following
>> your comment I went to MinGW\lib and there was no gdi32 nor ole32, but
>> "libgdi32.a" and "libole32.a"
> That's alright.
>> So I changed TeXworks.pro lines to
>>    LIBS += -libgdi32   and
>>    LIBS += -libole32
> That's not ;). There are a few points that are wrong here:
I know, but that's what I first tested and didn't work, so I corrected 
and it didn't work either!
> 3) If you specify the whole filename (including the "lib" prefix)
> explicitly, I think you must also give the extension.
> So each of the following lines should work:
>     LIBS += -lgdi32
>     LIBS += -llibgdi32.a
> The first one is better in any case because it leaves finding the actual
> filename to the linker. So unless it accidentally picks the wrong one
> it's more portable.
Both do not work :-(

Adding INCLUDEPATH += c:/MinGW/lib
allowed compilation with end:
g++ -enable-stdcall-fixup -Wl,-enable-auto-import 
oc -Wl,-s -mthreads -Wl -Wl,-subsystem,windows -o release/TeXworks.exe 
ript.TeXworks.Release  -L'c:/Programmes/KDE-mingw/bin/../lib' -lmingw32 
 -LC:/texworks-mingw/hunspell-1.2.8/src/hunspell/.libs -lpoppler-qt4 
1.2 -lgdi32 -ole32 -lQtXml4 -lQtGui4 -lQtCore4
mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/texworks-mingw/texworks'


*But* nothing in /Release and a file le32.exe in texworks of the size of 
the TeXworks executable.
But it doesn't work, gives an error:
Entry point not found for the procedure 
_Z21qRegisterResourceDataiPkhSO_SO_ for dynamic links in the library 
Funny, funny!
>> So I deleted the 2 lines and commented the #if ... #endif (in
>> PDFDocument.cpp) and it compiled and it works for printing the source
>> (keeping the highlighting colors) and creating the image for the PDF
>> (printing to pdfcreator also works -- to print only one page you have
>> to enter 2-2 not only 2).
> I noticed that source highlighting no longer works if you print a
> selection. But this may also be a Linux-specific issue.
Same on Windows. Further it is not possible to select pages for the 
source. see picture left=source, right=pdf
> Could you send me a screenshot about this page specification issue?
> Normally, you should be able to use all the normal notations (with the
> exception of e.g. "1-2,5,9" which isn't supported by Qt; btw: could you
> check if that prints just the pages 1-2 or all pages 1-9?)
1-2,5-9 not allowed (error saying that only one page is allowed), but 
1-9 gives the 9 pages.

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