[texworks] Beginners' needs (was: Lua scripting)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Wed Jun 17 11:57:29 CEST 2009

Le 17 juin 09 à 02:13, David J. Perry a écrit :

> 3. In fact, I think TeXworks works so well that I'd like to see the  
> official version 1 sooner rather than later.  This would let more  
> people try it. (BTW: thanks to Alain for those Windows binaries.  I  
> do a lot of computer related stuff, but have no interest in  
> buildling software!)

An updated Mac OS X binary would be nice, too. It's understandable  
Jonathan is very busy, but it's a bit frustrating to see many updates  
mentioned on this list and not being able to test them.

The general instructions mention the required elements (Qt, Poppler,  


but not how the actual building procedure. There are more detailed  
instructions in a post:


but these don't seem straightforward to follow:


(see microlatex's post from 31 May at end of page).

It's possible to deal with some dependencies (libjpeg, fontconfig) by  
installing them with i-Installer, but i-Installer has had active  
development stopped a couple of years ago, so it's uncertain whether  
using it wouldn't create version mismatches.

Also, I'm a bit worried that installing hunspell could break aspell  
which I'm using through the nice CocoAspell GUI.

Finally, I'm wondering whether this procedure would install things the  
Unix way (in /usr/local etc.) instead of packaging as much libraries  
as possible the Mac way, namely as frameworks to be put in /Library/ 
Frameworks, which is what Jonathan is providing for now.

Bruno Voisin

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