[texworks] TeXworks templates

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Mon Jun 15 11:43:32 CEST 2009


David J. Perry a écrit :
> Two questions about the templates that are provided with TeXworks:
> 1. The "article-fontspec.tex" template in the XeLaTeX documents folder 
> loads the packages fontspec, xunicode, and xltxtra in that order.  
> According to the documentation for xltxtra, that package loads 
> xunicode and fontspec automatically.  Perhaps it does no harm to ask 
> for a package to be loaded multiple times, but I wondered about this.
But regularly on the xetex discussion list it is suggested just to 
include xltxtra!
> 2. There seem to be duplicate templates.  For instance, the 
> "article-fontspec.tex" seems to be exactly the same as qt_temp.Xd2364, 
> and likewise for templates in other folders.  Are they not identical 
> in some way that I missed?  If they are identical, why are they both 
> there?
In all the folders in the TeXworks folder created during the first run 
(in your home folder), I think one can deleted the qt_temp files; they 
come from development I think or from the use of Qt. But right they are 
useless duplicates.

> David

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