[texworks] Find/Replace buttons (was: actions.ini)

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 07:26:10 CEST 2009


On 2009-06-11 18:14, Alain Delmotte wrote:
> But before to put the executable (r.306) on my site I'd like to know
> where the two buttons on the right are coming from?
> This is for Search and Replace.
> Before they didn't exist. Jonathan?
> (surely not me, I am unable to create that!! :-((( )
> (see attached picture)

I just checked as far back as r.167 where they were there already
I even checked it out and compiled it (on Linux), and there were those
buttons. Maybe you didn't notice them before? To me, it seems they
aren't new.


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