[texworks] Lua scripting

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Jun 8 09:34:45 CEST 2009

Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Generally, I must say I'm rather scared by all this stuff here recently 
> about scripting for TeXworks. TeXworks does very well what it was 
> designed for, namely provide a no-nonsense graphical integrated 
> environment for editing, typesetting, previewing and printing TeX 
> documents. As such, the functions included in the built-in editor are 
> all that's needed in normal use (basic search/replace, block comment and 
> indent, spell check).

> It's not very clear to me what the added scripting functionality might 
> be. If that's totally invisible from the user, OK. But please don't turn 
> TeXworks into another bloatware.

if you look at the current configuration files you will see already 
quite some no so 'no-nonsense' stuff there; and each macro package has 
its own demands, interfacing etc. so, delegating such things to (eg) lua 
will make the editing component less bloated and moves support for extra 
things to those who maintain (or are involved in) the macro packages; 
for instance, it makes no sense to have syntax checking or log parsing 
(or even completion) built in as there are many variants possible


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