[texworks] [patch] using env PATH on Unix instead of compiled defaults

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon May 18 16:03:11 CEST 2009

Hi Jonathan,

doesn't it make sense to use the current PATH setting on Unix as a
default for paths instead of the compile time generated value?

Here is a patch that accomplishes that on Unix (Windows I have no idea
but maybe getenv also returns something useful there?). It is a

Index: src/TWApp.cpp
--- src/TWApp.cpp	(revision 295)
+++ src/TWApp.cpp	(working copy)
@@ -426,7 +426,7 @@
 			<< "c:/Program Files (x86)/MiKTeX 2.7/miktex/bin"
-		*binaryPaths = QString(DEFAULT_BIN_PATHS).split(':');
+		*binaryPaths = QString(getenv("PATH")).split(':');
 	for (int i = binaryPaths->count() - 1; i >= 0; --i) {

I consider that much more useful than the compile time defaults. If we
want we can add *in*addition* the compile time paths, too.

Best wishes


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