[texworks] how to customize the completion

Peng Shao shallpion at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 29 10:09:42 CEST 2009

Dear Stefan:


thank you very much. 

Yes I found the mistakes you pointed out, I appreciate it very much.


I tried you suggestion, yes if I modify the line beginning with {equation} I can get what I want

However if I try to modiry the line beginning with bequ:.....

and I press Tab after typing bequ I still get the old one..


btw, dear Joseph thank you for your reminding, I always reopen texworks after modifying the tw-latex.txt, am I correct? :p


The most weird thing, I moved tw-latex.txt away and created a new tw-latex.txt file with only


%%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode


as its content and when I pressed tab after typing bequ, I still got 





I pressed tab several times, then I got what I modified. So, I guess, are there some complement codes "embedded" in texworks?


Yes the tab+ctrl seems to be occupied by windows as some kind of hotkey, I am not sure if the software autohotkey can

help us release it from windows....


Thank you

Regards, Shao Peng

> Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:14:39 +0200
> From: st.loeffler at gmail.com
> To: texworks at tug.org
> Subject: Re: [texworks] how to customize the completion
> Hi,
> Peng Shao schrieb:
> > The tw-latex.txt file I modified is the one in
> > C:\Documents and Settings\shaopeng\TeXworks\completion
> > and in linux, it is in ~/texworks/res/resfiles/completion
> At least the linux file is not the correct one. The one you mention is
> just the template from the source code that gets copied to your "real"
> configuration directory, which should be ~/.TeXworks/completion
> I just tested your modifications on Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) and maybe found
> your problem.
> If I enter "bequ" and press tab I get the modified environment (i.e.
> with "test" in the middle). If I write "\begin{equa" and press tab I
> still get the old one. The problem is that there are several different
> shortcuts to get the equation environment. Just search for "equation" in
> tw-latex.txt. You'll find (amongst others) a line starting with
> "{equation}" which is the one that gets used in your case.
> > I am really really sorry to hear that the bullets do not work well
> > under windows. I like it very much:(
> I imagine this is because Ctrl-Tab is used by the operating system (to
> tab through sub-windows). But I'd need further investigations to confirm
> this.
> Regards
> Stefan

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