[texworks] regexp search hangs on $

Wybo Dekker wybo at servalys.nl
Thu Apr 16 21:48:07 CEST 2009

Jonathan Kew wrote:
> On 16 Apr 2009, at 20:21, Wybo Dekker wrote:
>> When I select a few lines and try to add something to the ends of the
>> lines (by `replacing' $ with something) texworks hangs and I loose my
>> edits.
>> Is this a known problem?
> Hmmm. No.... but it is now!
> Actually, this wouldn't be expected to work because ^ and $ refer to the
> beginning and end of the *whole text*, not individual lines.
> What ought to work would be something like
>    Replace:  \n
>    With:     SOMETHING.TO.APPEND\n

ok, that works, thanks!

> What version are you running, btw? In a quick test, I didn't actually
> see any hang or crash using $, it just doesn't do what you wanted.

Version 0.0.0 (r.285) for linux (Suse 11.0)


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