[texworks] A note on shortcuts and variables

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Tue Apr 14 09:54:29 CEST 2009

Hi Bruno,

Yes, I think it was you who commented.

Bruno Voisin a écrit :
> In any case, the English shortcuts, namely
> Indent        Cmd-]
> Unindent    Cmd-[
> Comment        Cmd-Shift-]
> Uncomment    Cmd-Shift-[
> can't work on a French Apple keyboard since the key combination for [ 
> and ] involve Shift already:
> [ = Alt-Shift-(
> ] = Alt-Shift-)
> { = Alt-(
> } = Alt-)
Under Windows we get []{}\| with AltGr+anotherkey; AltGr is equivalent 
to Alt+Ctrl, so Ctrl+] is impossible.
> But the shortcuts in the translation, namely
> Indent        Cmd->
> Unindent    Cmd-<
> Comment        Cmd-(
> Uncomment    Cmd-)
> create a problem on the Mac too, where Cmd-< is already an OS-wide 
> shortcut for rotating windows in the current application:
I did choose > and < for indent because this is "showing the direction".
What about Ctrl+: and Ctrl+Shift+: (Cmd+: and Cmd+Shift+: on the mac)??
> And Cmd-( for Comment and Cmd-) for Uncomment are bit unfortunate too, 
> given in the English version Indent and Comment include closing signs 
> -- bracket, parenthesis, brace and the like -- while Unindent and 
> Uncomment include opening signs.
I didn't see the direction of the English shortcuts (once it was 
impossible, I didn't look at them anymore :-) ); but I find Ctrl+( for 
commenting more logic because when you start a comment in a sentence you 
"open bracket"!!
> If inspiration has to be taken for the Mac from an Apple-designed text 
> editor, there's the editor in Xcode, Apple's IDE:
> Shift Right    Cmd-]
> Shift Left    Cmd-[
> Align Right    Cmd-}
> Align Left    Cmd-{
> Mimicking this for Indent (= Shift) and employing similarly } for 
> Comment, one could propose for TeXworks
> Indent        Cmd-]
> Unindent    Cmd-[
> Comment        Cmd-}
> Uncomment    Cmd-{
> But of course that's a Mac-centric view, which could conflict with 
> other shortcuts I'm not aware of.
Not only Mac centric but impossible under Windows (and perhaps Linux?) 
as said above.

I'll test the possibility to design own system as discussed earlier.


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