[texworks] A note on shortcuts and variables

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Mon Apr 13 14:40:16 CEST 2009

Le 13 avr. 09 à 11:06, Alain Delmotte a écrit :

> Rasmus Pank Roulund a écrit :
>>  I believe the widely use of ]/[ as a shortcut key is unwise. At  
>> least on
>>  Danish win and mac keyboards it is hard to come by (alt-gr + 8/9).  
>> This
>>  means that, in theory, you have to click Ctrl+Shift-Alt-gr 8/9 to
>>  (un)indent. In practice it does not work, however.
> yes, this is also a problem for the French keyboard; this is why I  
> modified it in the French translation.
> But there where negative comments from Mac users (I think).

It may have been me, I don't remember exactly what's been said about  

In any case, the English shortcuts, namely

Indent		Cmd-]
Unindent	Cmd-[
Comment		Cmd-Shift-]
Uncomment	Cmd-Shift-[

can't work on a French Apple keyboard since the key combination for  
[ and ] involve Shift already:

[ = Alt-Shift-(
] = Alt-Shift-)
{ = Alt-(
} = Alt-)

But the shortcuts in the translation, namely

Indent		Cmd->
Unindent	Cmd-<
Comment		Cmd-(
Uncomment	Cmd-)

create a problem on the Mac too, where Cmd-< is already an OS-wide  
shortcut for rotating windows in the current application:

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And Cmd-( for Comment and Cmd-) for Uncomment are bit unfortunate too,  
given in the English version Indent and Comment include closing signs  
-- bracket, parenthesis, brace and the like -- while Unindent and  
Uncomment include opening signs.

If inspiration has to be taken for the Mac from an Apple-designed text  
editor, there's the editor in Xcode, Apple's IDE:

Shift Right	Cmd-]
Shift Left	Cmd-[
Align Right	Cmd-}
Align Left	Cmd-{

Mimicking this for Indent (= Shift) and employing similarly } for  
Comment, one could propose for TeXworks

Indent		Cmd-]
Unindent	Cmd-[
Comment		Cmd-}
Uncomment	Cmd-{

But of course that's a Mac-centric view, which could conflict with  
other shortcuts I'm not aware of.

In ay case, regarding hard-to-come-by shortcuts, it's not really a new  
thing for TeX on the French Mac keyboard, where \ = Alt-Shift-: alas.

Bruno Voisin

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