[texworks] A note on shortcuts and variables

Rasmus Pank Roulund rasmus.pank at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 22:24:01 CEST 2009

* First:
  A lot of people use AUCTeX for writing documents. I think it would be
  worthwhile if TeXWorks read AUCTeX tags. For example:

    %%% Local Variables: 
    %%% mode: latex
    %%% TeX-master: "../main"
    %%% End: 


    % !TeX root = ../main.tex


    %%% -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


    % !TeX encoding = utf-8

* Second:
  I believe the widely use of ]/[ as a shortcut key is unwise. At least on
  Danish win and mac keyboards it is hard to come by (alt-gr + 8/9). This
  means that, in theory, you have to click Ctrl+Shift-Alt-gr 8/9 to
  (un)indent. In practice it does not work, however.

* Third:
  Others have probably said it, but hard line breaking is a much needed
  feature IMO. Especially when collaborating on a paper via SVN or
  similar where short lines is an advantage. This is true for package
  writers as well.

Thanks a bunch for this great software!


PS: I am especially impressed by the ease of inserting environments or
macros with the tab-key! 

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