[texworks] Removing aux files

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Tue Dec 9 21:28:53 CET 2008


Can the option File -> Remove Aux File be made macro-package specific? 
ConTeXt normally does not have any .aux file (unless one uses bibtex which 
needs aux files), but does generate many temporary files. Context already 
provides means to remove temporary files (ctxtools --purge regex or 
ctxtools --purge --all). Can these be interfaced from texworks, when the 
typesetting engine is set as ConTeXt?

There is a difference between ctxtools --purge and the current behaviour 
of remove aux files. Firstly, and perhaps more importantly, ctxtools 
--purge does not confirm before deleting. Secondly, it also deletes the 
log file. Thirdly, ctxtools --purge offers an option to recursively detele 
temporary files. I do not know whether these differences are important for 
consistency or not.

If you would like to provide the user an option of choosing which 
temporary files to delete, the extensions used by context are (yes, 
context mkii does produce so many files!):

     $dontaskprefixes = [
         # "tex-form.tex", "tex-edit.tex", "tex-temp.tex",
         "texexec.tex", "texexec.tui", "texexec.tuo",
         "texexec.tuc", "texexec.tua",
         "texexec.ps", "texexec.pdf", "texexec.dvi",
         "cont-opt.tex", "cont-opt.bak"
     ] + "mpx-*"

     $dontasksuffixes = [
         "mp(graph|run)\\.mp", "mp(graph|run)\\.mpd", 
"mp(graph|run)\\.mpo", "mp(graph|run)\\.mpy",
         "mp(graph|run)\\.\\d+", "mp(graph|run)\\.mp.keep",
     $forsuresuffixes = [
         "tui", "tua", "tup", "ted", "tes", "top",
         "log", "tmp", "run", "bck", "rlg",
         "mpt", "mpx", "mpd", "mpo", "mpb",
         "tmp.md5", "tmp.out"
     $texonlysuffixes = [
         "dvi", "ps", "pdf"
     $texnonesuffixes = [
         "tuo", "tub", "top", "tuc"
     $dummyfiles = [

The logic is included in purgefiles function in ctxtools.rb.

Does this make sense for texworks?


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