[texworks] Draft of the manual (in French)

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Sun Nov 30 21:42:29 CET 2008

Hello Joseph,

Thanks for the comments.
I'll follow your advices.

Answering your other message: I have part of the translation to English, 
I'll have a look to see what is missing in it, add the missing part and 
I'll make it available.
I'll also make the sources available.


Joseph Wright a écrit :
> Hello Alain,
> I've read the guide through quickly.  You seem to have done a pretty
> good job of covering the main key points.
> A few things I'd alter:
> - The discussion of TeX distributions is slightly out of date.  I'd
> point to TeXLive for Linux, and mention teTeX as an older alternative.
> I'd also recommend MiKTeX directly on the PC.  If you are using
> TeXWorks, then the extra bits in ProTeX are not useful.
> - I'd move the downloading text above the "Sous Windows" section title.
> - I'd make the example on p. 6 a full document
> - On p. 8, I thin "HP_Propriétaire" should be replaced by <votre-nom>
> - I'd be tempted to give working examples for the detail in 4.5, for
> example:
> % !TeX encoding = utf8 %% encodage
> If you want an English proof reader I'd be happy to have a look (my
> French is only good enough for the concepts, not the detail).  I could
> probably manage a translation-of-sorts, if you're happy for the ideas to
> be translated rather than the text!

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